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Friday, July 20, 2018

LIVE: Wenger's exotic offer and Chelsea's push for Higuain

Posted By: Valentin Valica - 4:30 AM
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LIVE: Wenger's exotic offer and Chelsea's push for Higuain
LIVE: Wenger's exotic offer and Chelsea's push for Higuain

Thursday, July 19, 2018

TFC beat Fury in first leg of Canadian Championship semifinal

Posted By: Valentin Valica - 3:30 AM
TFC beat Fury in first leg of Canadian Championship semifinal
TFC beat Fury in first leg of Canadian Championship semifinal

OTTAWA — Toronto FC is right where they want to be after the opening leg of the Canadian Championship semifinal.

Jonathan Osorio scored in the fifth minute as Toronto downed the Ottawa Fury 1-0 on the road in the first leg on Wednesday.

Toronto claimed an important road goal in the opening match, and will host the second leg at BMO Field July 25.

"For us we met our objective for the night. Tonight we got the shutout, we got the away goal so we’re leaving pleased," said TFC head coach Greg Vanney.

"We set ourselves up with the position to try and finish the series at home next week."

The game was delayed for a couple of minutes late in the second half when TFC supporters set off flares and smokes bombs that led to fires in the stands, with one making its way on the pitch before quickly being extinguished by stadium security.

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group issued a statement following the match saying that, ‘No fans were injured in the incident and the perpetrators were ejected from the building,’ before adding that Ottawa Police have opened an investigation.

"All members of the visiting supporters group had been subjected to bag checks and security scans prior to entering the stadium and no fireworks or other devices were detected… Ottawa Police have launched an investigation into the incident," the statement said.

Vanney apologized on behalf of TFC in his post-match media scrum.

"On behalf of the club we are embarrassed about the incident in the stands and obviously it will be looked at by the match commissioner and they will handle it appropriately," said Vanney.

"From the perspective of the team side it turned into an embarrassing scene, so we apologize from our side."

Toronto FC left several of their starters at home on Wednesday, including midfielders Michael Bradley and Victor Vazquez, defender Gregory van der Wiel and Italian forward Sebastian Giovinco. This despite the fact they have just four wins in 19 MLS games this season.

None of that really mattered though as Osorio opened the scoring to give TFC an early lead.

Osario took a pass from Ryan Telfer and deposited the ball just past the outstretched fingers of Fury ‘keeper Maxime Crepeau just inside the left post.

"I didn’t really see the ball until it got close to me and we’re behind after just five minutes. We were pushing to get the tie, to our credit, it was just too bad that we were behind," Crepeau said.

"It was frustrating, but we have another 90 minutes that can change everything. We know it’s going to be difficult in Toronto, and it will be in difficult conditions, but we’ll give it our all."

That was the only shot attempt by Toronto FC in the first half. The Fury had two, but one was wide of the target and the other was blocked.

Kevin Oliveira had two shots on goal early in the second half for the Fury but both were handled by Clint Irwin in the Toronto goal. He was making just his fifth start of the season.

"The game was even and I can’t say that there was one team that was dominating," Fury coach Nikola Popovic said.

"What was clear today is that they’re a team with lots of qualities. Some of their superstars didn’t come, but it’s not by accident that this team went to finals of CONCACAF Champions League and MLS Cup. To do this, you need more than 11 good players. We have different dimension than Toronto. I think what we did today was even and we fought shoulder to shoulder with them. Didn’t see too much difference. "

Steevan Dos Santos had a golden opportunity to tie the game in the 85th minute as he got his head on a cross from Onua Obasi but Irwin made the save right on the goal line.

The Fury continued to press over the dying minutes, including four minutes of extra time, but were unable to break through.

TFC won the Voyageur Cup in 2017, defeating the Fury in the semifinals. Following a 2-1 road loss in the first leg, Toronto FC were 4-0 winners on their home pitch in the second leg. They then defeated the Montreal Impact 3-2 on aggregate.

It was their second straight Canadian Championship, giving them a berth in the CONCACAF Champions League earlier this year. They advanced to the final of that event but fell to Mexico’s C.D. Guadalajara 4-2 in a penalty shootout after the two legs were tied 3-3 on aggregate.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Liverpool transfer news: Alisson offer accepted by Roma as world-record deal nears completion

Posted By: Valentin Valica - 4:45 AM
The Independent - Football
Liverpool transfer news: Alisson offer accepted by Roma as world-record deal nears completion
Liverpool transfer news: Alisson offer accepted by Roma as world-record deal nears completion
The Premier League club are now expected to hold talks with the Brazil international

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Junior Sables upstage Namibia

Posted By: Valentin Valica - 4:27 AM
Sport – The Standard
Junior Sables upstage Namibia

The Old Mutual Zimbabwe Under-18 rugby team capped off a memorable campaign at the 2018 Coca-Cola Academy Week after beating bitter rivals Namibia for the first time in 11 years […]

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Fortnite Mobile: Everything you need to know – Map locations, best weapons, tips to win and more

Posted By: Valentin Valica - 4:51 AM
Dream Team FC
Fortnite Mobile: Everything you need to know – Map locations, best weapons, tips to win and more

Unless you’ve been hiding in a bush – or are fiercely loyal to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – chances are you have heard of Fortnite.

That’s what brought you here, right.

The good news is that we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about the game – from hints and tips to more general gameplay-related stuff and big announcements.

Treat this as your own personal Fortnite mobile ‘hub’ – we’ll be updating it daily, so you’ll always be in the know.

Let’s kick off with the basics.

What is Fortnite?

In September 2017, a new standalone mode called Battle Royale was launched – which brought the game into direct competition with PUBG – another battle royal-style shooter.

Then on March 12th 2018, Epic released the IOS version of Fortnite.

Each game sees 100 players plonked on to a map with no weapons or armour – you need to scavenge and explore to find these.

Similar to PUBG there is a ‘closing in’ mechanic – which sees the game area get smaller and smaller.

Venture outside the safe zone (a ‘storm’ in Fortnite’s case) and you’ll lose health rapidly, before being eliminated.

Fortnite can be played solo or with friends on mobile, Xbox, Switch, PS4 and PC.

Word to the uninitiated – if you’re playing solo, do not try to team up – you’ll get killed.

How much does Fortnite cost?

It’s free – unless you’re mad about cosmetics (which some people clearly are).

Skins can be obtained through the battle pass or you can buy V-bucks and spend them in the store

What games systems is Fortnite currently on?

It’s on Xbox, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and IOS.

When is the game coming to Android?

With 1000’s of people already playing Fortnite on IOS, there is a huge demand for the game to come over to Android.

Epic games are currently working to release the game in China where the majority of people use Androids.

The release date is rumoured to be 24th July so keep your eyes peeled.

Season 5 map

The addition of golf kart’s to the map was perhaps the biggest gameplay development this season.

Allowing you to travel faster and race your friends on the new track that rivals Monaco’s.

Portals are also dotted around the map which allow you to re-drop from the sky, giving you more time to loot and still get away from the storm.

There are no other maps (yet), which will frustrate some, but developers Epic continue to add to their existing map with locations such as Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.

The map has changed drastically this season with a whole new biome and different attractions scattered around

Where’s the worst place to land on Fortnite?

It all depends on your ability. Tilted Towers can be the best place if you’re experienced or worst place if you’re a noob.

It’s usually teeming with loot and powerful weapons – but most decent players will swarm on it pretty sharpish.

If you’re new to the game, head for Snobby Shores or Lonely Lodge – they’re a bit further out so they’ll be less competition for decent loot.

Best weapons for mobile players?

On Fortnite the colour of the weapon indicates how good it is.

With the new update, the best way for smartphone players to win is to take the sneaky approach.

The silenced SMG has had a big upgrade in terms of damage and accuracy so make sure to rock one of these when sneaking up on people.

Pair the tactical shotgun with the silenced SMG and you have a winner.

If you come across a sniper it may be worth practising as it will give you a real advantage over other players.

The best weapons are found in loot crates – so keep an eye out for these.

Fancy a gold scar? Look out for supply drops

How to build as a mobile player?


It’s always best to build a small fort three stories high in the zone.

This way you can have a clear view of all the battles going on around you and will let you pick off opponents with your assault rifle or sniper.

If you want to get better at building you have to practice.

Hop into a game, head to wailing woods, collect some wood and just build up and down.

Practice switching between weapons and different types of materials, then when you get into a battle you will likely win!

One by ones are the ultimate form of defence

Is Fortnite a good experience on smartphones?

It’s so good that some teachers are complaining they’re ruining lessons – with schoolkids playing the game instead of studying.

Epic’s Fortnite is showing no signs of slowing down – so expect more content and bigger announcements coming down the pipe.

Why bother getting Fortnite on my phone?

It’s easy to pick up and play for an hour or on your lunch break or on the train, anywhere with an internet connection – plus, it’s free.

Fortnite is all about action – and the fun construction element really helps add a new dimension to battles.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Belgium finishes 3rd at World Cup, beats England 2-0

Posted By: Valentin Valica - 5:24 AM
Football – Inquirer Sports
Belgium finishes 3rd at World Cup, beats England 2-0
Belgium finishes 3rd at World Cup, beats England 2-0

Belgium and England both leave the World Cup happy to have reached the semifinals. Belgium may be a little happier, though.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018



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